Tool for NIS2 Compliance

Unlock NIS2 Compliance
With Uniqkey

Europe’s new cybersecurity directive, NIS2, is coming, and it’s time to prepare. With fines of up to €10 million and a deadline in October 2024, ensuring your organization is ready is crucial. Uniqkey can help you meet these new requirements simply and efficiently.

Are You Ready For Europe’s Coming
Cybersecurity Directive?

15 Sectors Affected

From energy and transport to finance and health, NIS2 will impact a wide range of sectors.

10 Minimum Measures

NIS2 introduces 10 minimum security measures organizations need to implement.

Fines Up To €10 Million Euro

Failure to reach compliance with the NIS2 directive can result in fines for up to 10 million euro.

Deadline on October 2024

Member States have until 17 October 2024 to transpose the Directive into applicable, national law.

How Uniqkey Can Help You Comply With NIS2

Uniqkey simplifies how you manage passwords and access, helping you meet a significant part of the NIS2 minimum requirements. Here’s how Uniqkey can assist you:

Secure Access To IT Systems

NIS2 demands secure access to IT systems. Uniqkey help your organization provides robust password management and two-factor authentication, directly addressing this requirement.

Take Control of Security Systems

Utilize data-driven security scores and easy-to-produce incident reports to manage systems’ secure procurement and operation, fulfilling NIS2 requirements.

Boost Cybersecurity Awareness

Equip your team with direct security training and alerts about weak or compromised passwords, aligning with NIS2’s call for regular training and reducing the risk of human error.

Encrypt and Protect Your Data

Encrypt all communication and user password data, meeting NIS2’s emphasis on encryption and cryptography and protecting sensitive information.

Maintain Overview of IT Assets

Gain insights into the security status of each employee, service, and workgroup, maintaining a comprehensive overview of all IT assets as required by NIS2.

Cloud Security Risks

NIS2 emphasizes multi-factor authentication. Uniqkey offers continuous authentication via biometric access, meeting this requirement and adding an extra layer of security.

About Uniqkey

Uniqkey is a business-only password and access management solution that helps organizations reduce the risk of access-related cyberthreats.

Built for IT and designed for employees, Uniqkey makes it easy to improve company password practices and meet access management needs, raising company-wide security in a simple and efficient way.

Uniqkey is unlike any of our other products that are very technical and complicated. It’s a simple, user-friendly tool that is easy to use for regular people.

Kristian VengsgaardCIO of the Danish Defence