Transparency is everything. Get to know the operators of this site.

NIS2directive.eu is operated by Uniqkey

All information on this site is publicly sourced and curated by Danish cybersecurity company Uniqkey to inform European organizations about the NIS2 Directive.

As a cybersecurity provider operating in the European market, we’ve helped hundreds of EU-based companies strengthen their cybersecurity posture and navigate the European compliance space.


This gives us direct understanding of the compliance challenges facing EU organization, and we hope that by delivering NIS2-related information in a concise and easy-to-digest format, we’ll be able to help others navigate this space.

Why Curate This Information?

The official NIS2 Directive is a massive legal document consisting of 270+ pages. Naturally, most decision-makers don’t have the time to consume and understand such an extensive document. For this reason, and after witnessing a growing concern around NIS2 among our customers, we decided to build this site to offer publicly sourced information on the topic of NIS2 in a curated, accessible, and simplified manner.

Not Legal Advice

All information on this site is curated from public sources like ENISA and Europarl. Everything presented is a general summary of the Directive’s content and should not be considered fully comprehensive. To ensure that your specific organization reaches full compliance with the NIS2 directive, you should always seek advice from your own compliance officer.

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